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Global Warming…A cause for war?

Darfur Agreement

U.N. Women Peaekeepers in Liberia

Is Peace In the near future?

Will Somalia finally have peace?


Is Peace in the near future? April 24, 2007

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The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert believes there is still time for international diplomatic help to change Iran’s mind on their nuclear ambitions. Israel is concerned due to the repeated calls for Israel’s destruction made by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Olmert would use military force, but prefers not to. For now he really believes that peace can be achieved peacefully. He says that Israel wants to achieve peace with every Arab state. The war last summer against Hezbollah guerrillas in south Lebanon was painful but successful, since right now the northern border is totally quiet. The Prime Minister says their main goal is to achieve peace but “it is not enough to say publicly ‘I want peace’, you have to act on this”. Can we do this? could we achieve peace without war? And it is obvious that one nation wants peace, shouldn’t everyone want it? Complete absolute peace might be impossible, but a more peaceful world could be a goal, a nice goal to have by everyone…, “Olmert: Iran can be stopped peacefully” by the associate press, April 22, 2007.   


Global Warming…a cause for war? April 17, 2007

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It is said that most probably the effects of climate change will cause conflicts in the coming decades. It is easier to find the poor in the tropical regions, like in Africa and Asia, are more likely to be the ones affected the most. The most forthcoming problem is desertification and land degradation, one of the reason believed to have started the conflict in Darfur for example. There will be permanent  climate refugees, when icecaps start to melt and countries like Bangladesh would be found emerged under water; that could create conflict. In a more realist point of view, there will be winners and losers in this aspect of global warming, it will not be all bad . India, China and Africa would be the losers, while Canada, Russia and parts of Europe would be the winners, since they will have a better quality soil. This will create a further imbalance of resources and could very well create conflict.  So what could be done to prevent conflict due to environmental issues? Should the World start helping the people that will be affected before it becomes serious or should we wait to see what happens? “Glabal Warming Could Spur 21st Century Conflicts” by Reuters. April 16, 2007      


Darfur agreement… April 16, 2007

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Sudan signed a joint agreement with the United Nations and the African Union, in which gives a definition of their role in Darfur. The Saudi king Abdullah said that the agreement  “Will support Sudan’s unity, security, stability and peace.” More than 200,000 people have been killed in the four-year conflict and it seem like it is stillnot clear of what it is and what should be done. The United States governmnet is using its energy at the wrong subject when it comes to Darfur; instead of deciding how to help, the government is in argument of what it should be called: a genocide or crime against humanity. It has been more lineant towards genocide because it seems like it is the easiest way to get people to help and cooperate. What does not make sense is that even if it would be categorized as crime against humanity, it is just as bad and it would make more sense because a genocide needs evident proof of intent and Darfur does not have that…it is simply a different category, but it is just as serious. The U.N. and Sudan agreed on a three-stage plan to help get the A.U.  peacekeeping stronger in Darfur. The first phase has been ompleted (a light support of U.N. police advisers and other resources). Last Monday, the U.N., A.U. and Sudan agreed on the second phase (constituted of more than 3000 U.N. troops,police and other personnel, as well as, aviation and logistics equipment). Today, a meeting between  the U.N. headquaters and A.U. negotiators  will try to get a political agreement on Darfur. We will see what will happen next…  

Source: “Report:New Darfur Agreement Signed”, by the associated press, April 16th 2007 


Somalia: What will happen next? March 25, 2007

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On wednesday, March 21st, a full-scale fight broke out when Ethiopian and government soldiers stormed into a neighborhood to disarm gunmen, instead dozens of masked men mutilated the bodies of 15 soldiers, dragging them through the streets and setting them on fire. Witnesses have said that when they first struck the matches, a few soldiers were still alive! It makes us thinnk about the incident in 1993, when Somalis turned against American peacekeepers and dragged their bodies through the streets. They are in a transitional government and some residents are scared it is heading in the same direction of the last 13 governments,” a vortex of clan violence and anarchy that has made Somalia an icon of a failed state”( Gettleman) What can be done to get to some sort of agreement and peace in that area? What else could the United Nations, African Union and the United States do to help?

Source: “15 die when Somalis try to disarm rebels” by Jeffrey Gettleman, March 22,2007 



troops in Iraq- 4th year anniversary March 24, 2007

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March 19th was the 4th year that american troops are in Iraq. President Bush made a speach asking for pacience and talked about the “temptation” to bring the troops home. The House was scheduled to vote Thursday on a democratic proposal to attach conditions to the president’s $100 billion dollars war financing package that would make American combat troops leave Iraq next year. The administration released a statement saying the President would veto the bill if passed. President Bush argued that it is the responsibility of the Congress to support the troops already there and that he alone had the authority to decide if the troops are staying or leaving Iraq anytime soon. In 2003, the white house and the pentagon stated that any American presence in Iraq within four years would be minimal, now the reality is different. How much more time does President Bush needs to realise that lives are being wasted and violence is even greater due to the troops being there(and by saying that I mean that many locals are not in agreement with the US helping them and see it as a threat, causing them to strike against the troops causing more violence)? The President needs to think about his people, who are dying there, and the economy of his country, sinse we are talking about $100 billion, not million!!! 

source: article: “Don’t pack up Bush says after 4 years of war”by Rutenberg and Sanger, March 20, 2007 


Will Somalia finally have peace? February 7, 2007

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In an article from January 25th, explains how Somalia has an opportunity to have peace once again. For years it has been a safe haven for terrorists and chronic warfare, it would be good for the country and for the world to get this issue finally resolved. Ethiopia has been moving out of Somalia and a transitional government has been installed. The tricky thing is to get Ethiopia out soon before any conflict happens, as well as, the U.N. needs to take charge of peacekeeping and as long as the new government lives, there’s a chance for peace for a longer period of time. Bush administration has to pressure the organizations involved to move fast for better results. I feel the U.S. shouldn’t be the one to pressure the U.N.! The U.N. should be capable of acting in  a fast rate and not be known as a organization known to act slowly!!!It should definitely be more aggressive!

source: “Moment of Opportunity in Somalia”, The New York Times ( January 25, 2007